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Davis Road, Harpswell, Maine
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Nan and Bobby at Cook's

Nan and Bobby at Cook's
Christmas - 2011

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kearsarge Mountain

We are back in Andover. The house is almost empty.

I know I will miss "my mountain" as I call it. I have a beautiful view of Kearsarge from my bedroom window.

Every morning I look out and see the mist behind the ridge across the street. I love seeing the smoke coming from the chimney of the old farmhouse where my kids grew up. I feel the warmth from my side of the street.

We still have our pellet stove cranking and it heats the house nicely on those crip fall mornings.

Our new home in Newburyport is comfortable, convenient and entertaining.

Every morning we take the dogs for a walk down by the river and up towards Joppa Park. I can only walk a short distance before having to stop and rest on the park bench.

The years of moving heavy furniture, carrying children on my hip and "I'll do it even if it kills me" has caught up with me. Pain is an old friend, never far away.

The sailboats in the water painted a pretty picture all summer. Now the waters are devoid of any boats. The promise of winter bites into our faces as the wind blows off the water.

Time is getting shorter. We are anxious to be done with this part of our lives.

A new chapter, new faces and new opportunities await.

Farewell my mountain.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The other Andover

My partner and I have been moving for five months. Will it ever end?

The good part is that I get to look at the trivia I collected over the years and remember the fun we used to have in the old farmhouse across the street.

My new partner and I built a new house in 2003. Riverside Farm was sold in 2000 after the demise of a marriage and the exit of three children.

The new house doesn't have the same ambiance as that drafty old farmhouse. There was a 1923 wood stove in the kitchen. The best turkey I ever had at Thanksgiving came out of that oven.

I remember one nor-easter when the snow came in through the window in our bedroom upstairs. My youngest was in a porta crib by the window and I marvelled at the snow on his comforter.

The new house has good windows. You can't hear the moan of the wind or the rain on the roof. I miss those sounds.

Our new apartment is very quiet too. I'm tempted to put an old saucepan upside down outside the window. At least I could hear the rain.

Time for another trip to Goodwill and the Humane Society with old towels. We already have two dogs, so no detours allowed.