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Davis Road, Harpswell, Maine
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Kell, Jon and Chris
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Nan and Bobby at Cook's
Christmas - 2011

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May on the River Merrimack

My apologies for almost missing May.

The positive events in my life are: I can walk without pain and am up to over a mile a day. The pain I was experiencing at night is now pretty much gone. I am not taking medication of any kind. Horrah!

On a "not so good note", the bottom part of my incision has not quite healed yet. There was a pocket in there and it has to heal from the inside out. I go to the wound clinic every Monday and the visiting nurses still come every day to dress the wound. Marv is pretty good at it too.

I have had only lost about three more pounds the last time I went to the Lahey, but I am holding. It's easy to slip and I really need to be more conscious of protein, protein, protein. It's very necessary for healing.

The walks with the dogs along the Merrimack have been wonderful. We watched as the boats went into the water one by one after a long winter. What a pretty sight!

Roger is having his usual Memorial Day get together and we are planning on going as a lot of our old friends will be there. We should never miss an opportunity at our age as you just never know.

I went on a quilting marathon last Friday night and am planning to finish a quilt that Kelley started thirteen years ago. Bless her heart! I am reorganizing my bedroom to make room for my little Singer Featherweight.

My inspiration was a series of books I've been reading by Jennifer Chiaverini. The theme of the series is quilting, but a lot of history about the underground railroad and how quilts were hung on the clotheslines with secret codes on the quilts.

My goal is to finish at least three quilts for Kelley, Jon and Chris. Kelley says, "Be sure and sign them."

Jon had a great birthday party on the 15th. It was wonderful to see my grandkids, Tyler and Julianna and all the family.

The Thompsons who rented our house just love it there. I'll bet they love it even more since the 90 degree weather over the last two days. (Central Air).

I miss our home in Andover, but not the loneliness of being so isolated and having to drive so far to everything.

We are so fortunate to live in such beautiful surroundings. We love Market Square and just sitting and listening to the local musicians giving their mini concerts. Sunday there was a guy playing a harp - Wow!

We took a trip to Ipswitch as I had never been there. What a view from "Little Neck" and "Great Neck". The water is green, like I remember Hawaii on my honeymoon 45 years ago.

Massachuetts has many rural and beautiful areas that are well worth visiting. I am anxious to go to Glocester which is next on my list.

We have made many new friends by going to the church suppers in the area. The volunteering for the Firehouse continues to bring on a network of friends and our next assignment is for the Back Bay Bell Ringers.

More good news is, "Yes, you can live on social security!"