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Davis Road, Harpswell, Maine
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Nan and Bobby at Cook's

Nan and Bobby at Cook's
Christmas - 2011

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot 'n Humid

Today we went to the Lahey. It's a pretty easy trip and only takes about 40 minutes. I had my fourth fill with the lapband. Apparently the average is about six fills in a year. I am right on track.

I need to focus more. I am so easily detoured. Bad Nan!

Physical Therapy for my back is coming along. I have exercises to do at home. I'll be going twice a week till whenever.

Walking is such a joy with no pain. I can't believe I was able to stand the pain for so many years.

I made a cake for my friend Dorrie's birthday. It's been a few years since I've made a cake. I think it had to do with the pain. I am so positive about so many things now.

My daughter's quilt is coming along and I have 25 blocks all completed. I laid them out in the common room on three long tables and had lots of help from the other residents. It was fun and we came up with a good pattern.

Our music festival in Newburyport was a little damp on Saturday. We stayed until it started raining. No guts! I guess there were a lot of folks who hung in till the bitter end.

The big weekend Homecoming will be the last weekend in July. We're sorry to miss it, but we will be in the Maritimes.

Cooler weather on the horizon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Franklin Pierce

I felt compelled to pick up a book at the library by Michael F. Holt - Franklin Pierce.

Franklin Pierce has come to mind so often. Every time I read that there are very few artifacts, letters and so on, I cringe.

About ten years ago, I worked in a manufactured home community. There was a lady who had a mobile home there called "Mrs. Pierce". She was in a nursing home and in her nineties.

Well, she finally passed away and her heirs wanted nothing to do with her little mobile home which was packed solid with boxes and boxes of all kinds of stuff.

The maintenance crew took most everything to the dump with the exception of a few pieces of furniture.

There were boxes and boxes of letters addressed "Dear Frank". Yikes!

I have tried not to think about it as I have this awful gut feeling that history went to the dump that fateful day.

How sad!

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 4th - Fireworks 'n Hot Dogs

What a beautiful day here in Newburyport. Our apartment has the curtains standing out straight with the breeze blowing through one side to the other end of the apartment.

We are so lucky!

The music down on the boardwalk at night has been spectacular. Some young men singing a cappella were the best. The group is called Overboard. Check them out on

We had two Irish guys a couple of nights ago who did a great job playing guitar and entertaining the residents of a 156' yacht that was docked in Newburyport harbor. That was some boat!

Last night we were happy to listen to a three piece band - guitar, violin and base guitar. The violinist also played the mandolin. They played and sang all the old songs including one of our favorites, Charlie and the MTA. Wonder if he ever returned.

Tonight is Friday night so I imagine we'll have some sort of musical treat awaiting.

Happy Fourth. It will be my first year away from Andover for many years.

It's not easy to make drastic changes in your golden years, but you do what you gotta do.

New adventures await.