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Davis Road, Harpswell, Maine
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Kell, Jon and Chris
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Nan and Bobby at Cook's

Nan and Bobby at Cook's
Christmas - 2011

Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on Farm and Condo

Time has slipped past me.  It took awhile to get over losing my little Gator.  He stayed with me for six weeks in my dreams.  The last time he came to me he had on his little red coat and was running in the fields with his hair flying back in the wind.  That was Goodbye.

Here we are at the farm, just back from Concord.  The condo has been sold and it's empty with the exception of a new blow-up bed.  We'll go to Concord on Thursday and finish up for the closing on Friday morning.   We enjoyed it for the time we were there but it's time to move on.

Our farm in Harpswell is for sale.  A broker is bringing a looker tomorrow morning.  We keep telling our broker that we're selling the land - the house is free.  After all, the house was built in 1797 so don't expect it to be like a new house.

Lots of exciting developments since February.  Chris and Gabby tied the knot in May in Las Vegas.  Bobby and I broke the "no fly" curse and went to the wedding in Vegas.  Quite an exciting place.  We really had a lot of fun.  

We took a trip to Nova Scotia in June for our niece Krista's wedding.  Saw my brother Phil there and we had a chance to visit.  It was a lovely wedding and we enjoyed seeing Halifax.  We stayed with Phil on the way home in Moncton.  He has moved again since then.  I think we are trying to outdo each other in the moving department.

We had an awful hot spell in the summer and ended up putting three air conditioners in at the farm.  I keep reminding folks of "global warming".  It isn't going to get any better.

Had a wonderful boat trip in August with friends Donna and Alan.  When you live this close to the water, it's a must do at least once.

Our broker convinced Bobby to keep a lot here at the farm.  We picked the best one overlooking the ocean - what a view!  We hope to have a little cottage there eventually.

New developments as they happen.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gator Champagne Davis - 08/05/1999 - 02/12/2013 Faithful and Loyal to the End.

A week ago today I lost my best friend.  No one could ever love me as much as that dog did.  He never took his sweet eyes off me and followed me everywhere. 

When I was married last summer we were all out on the hill saying the words and I could hear Gator barking.  I almost said "Would someone let the dog out."  He would have just sat beside me quietly.  Somehow he got locked inside the house - probably when I went in to get changed.

I have shed lots of tears and am sure I will continue to do so for quite awhile. 

On a good note, my Bobby is free of cancer.  It was a long six months, lots of appointments, two surgeries and a lot of waiting around.  Thank goodness we have the condo in Concord.  Sure beats staying in a hotel. 

The farm is beautiful, even in winter.  We love the storms and don't imagine we'll go the Florida route just yet. 

Our neighbors in the cove will be coming back before you know it.  The Canadian geese have arrived.  It didn't seem like they were gone long, but maybe there were a few that never left.

Our son is having a destination wedding in Las Vegas.  We are going even though we aren't crazy about flying.  Some things you just gotta do.  

We have another wedding in Halifax this summer so we have a lot to look foward to.

Here is our favorite cardinal at the feeder.