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Davis Road, Harpswell, Maine
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Kell, Jon and Chris
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Nan and Bobby at Cook's

Nan and Bobby at Cook's
Christmas - 2011

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Smell of Fall

We finally have a break from the awful heat this summer.

It's chilly, overcast with a hint of fall in the air.

Tomorrow we'll meet my son Chris for lunch in Manchester. I miss my kids and my grandkids.

My CLS has found some long lost relatives through No one can stay lost these days. I am reminded of that every time the phone rings.

We love going to the library here in town. It's a very busy place and I enjoy reading the local paper and finding a new book. Using the library helps keep the clutter to a minimum in our apartment.

I have more books to give away and wonder if they might like the Harry Potter series. I just had to see what they were all about and thoroughly enjoyed them.

It's a good day to bundle up and take the dogs on a long walk. Maybe we'll take them up on the new Clipper Ship Rail Trail. Gator doesn't like other dogs but I keep trying to socialize him.

The President is on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. I've never been there, but have always wanted to go. I'll have to put that on my "bucket list".

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Blahs

What a relief. Low humidity and 67 degrees. It sure has been a long hot summer.

Looking forward to my favorite time of year - fall.

I am starting to throw out "stuff" and reorganizing everything in this small apartment.

I emptied out the little freezer and threw a ton of food out. I have never disciplined myself to date food when I shove it in the freezer. Who the heck knows how old it is. Hopefully we will get rid of the freezer this week, making way for a better spot for the TV.

We enjoyed looking in the junk shops last weekend. We found a good one over in Salisbury with amazing prices. I don't have room for a thing, but it's a good place to get rid of stuff.

Saturday night we ventured down to Hampton Beach and enjoyed listening to the open air concert on the water. The biggest challenge is to find a parking space. We'll probably go again on Thursday, country and western night.

We have been walking a lot and I have absolutely no pain. It's a wonderful thing!

Holding steady with my weight, but now that the dog days are lifting a little, I want to lose another twenty pounds. That means I'll have to investigate the thrift shops for smaller clothes but I'll worry about that when it happens.

School is starting soon and I used to love to take classes. We might take a ride over to Essex Community College to see what they offer.

Who knows what's around the corner?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dog Days

Glory be, this summer has been the hottest I can ever remember.

I turn off the AC's at night as I can't stand the noise. There is always a breeze here and it's 72 degrees this morning. It was 70 when I got up an hour ago.

The electric bill will be a shocker.

We helped at the Firehouse last night. They had a huge turn-out for a promotion for a product called "Juice +". Sounds like an Amway scheme to me. Hard to believe that folks still get sucked in thinking they're going to hit the big time.

My brother and sister-in-law are planning a visit in October. Horrah! I guess I have to "turn to" and get this place organized. Still too much stuff.

Remember Nan, one room at a time.

Had allergy testing yesterday and am happy I didn't react to anything. What a relief! I was particularly worried about mold.

We had a flood in the kitchen last week. The Nelsons upstairs over us left their facuet on in the kitchen and our kitchen was flooded. No telling what that water is doing up in the ceiling with this God awful heat.

There's a Chamber Music Festival this week at the library. Open rehearsal is from 10 to 1. What an opportunity. I particularly love the cello.

What a wonderful place to live with so much available at no expense.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Our trip to New Brunswick was everything I had hoped for.

Every time I cross the border from Calais, Maine, I remember the poem we learned in high school. "Breathes there the man with soul so dead - who never to himself hath said, ""This is my home, my native land!"" - who's heart hath ne're within him burned, as home his footsteps he hath turned from wandering in a foreign land.

It's hard to think of the states as a "foreign land" but apparently Sarah Palin agrees.

My brother John had his 70th birthday and we celebrated with a wonderful fun party. My older brother Philip came for a visit and we three were together again for probably the last time.

Helena, my best friend of sixty-eight years remains steadfast and loyal. We know each other so well that we that we have an unspoken link that binds us together.

The cottage where we stayed with my cousin Pat and her CLS (common law spouse)was just like Anne of Green Gables house. What a spectacular view of the St. Croix River.

We made a point of going over the new bridge between Calais and St. Stephen. It's pretty amazing that it finally got built after years of haggling between the two countries.

The customs office on the Canadian side looks like a big train station. It's worth seeing. We've been told that the customs on the American side is more like Fort Knox in keeping with terrorists and other unsavory characters who might try to infiltrate the states.

The reunion with my old high school friends was nostalgic. Some are no longer with us and our days are counting down. Familiar faces are lined with age but I see them as they were in 1957 when we had so much to look forward to.

The night before we left, I visited Mum and Dad's grave and said goodbye.

Endings are sad but there's always hope for new beginnings.